Powder Coating Booths

A Diverse Line of Powder Spray Booths for a Wide Range of Applications

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Powder Non-Recovery Booth

GFS Powder Non-Recovery Booths are cost-effective finishing environments for any small batch powder application. With redundant filtration systems, these booths capture high volumes of powder overspray. The open-front design saves floor space and allows for easy access.

Powder Recovery Booth

Ideal for small to medium-sized batch powder applications, Powder Recovery Booths include an integrated Powder Collection Module with high-efficiency cartridge filters and a load-triggered filter pulsing system for an efficient finishing environment for powder coating operations.

High-Production Powder Collection Booth

Often used in conveyorized powder application systems, GFS’ High-Production Powder Collection Booths are designed to increase your productivity, product quality, and profitability.

Powder Collection Modules

With high-efficiency filtration, fan and motor, the GFS Powder Collection Module delivers superior performance for your powder coating application.