Provided all the Knowledge

I knew the GFS products work well but Dean Marino also explained the efficiency of the booths. Dormer Finishing Systems was a good partner in the build and provided all the knowledge needed to put this project together.

Unbelievable experience!

Dean Marino and the team at Dormer Finishing Systems were an excellent resource for us, with their extensive product knowledge and requirement information. From the initial conversations and research to the cleanliness and final delivery, everything was professional and on time. It was an unbelievable experience!

Quality Second to None

I was extremely satisfied with the level of knowledge and expertise Dormer provided throughout the entire paint booth sale and installation process. Their understanding of codes/standards/regulations and permitting made me feel confident in Dormer. The install quality was second to none. Dormer guarantees their start-ups and their regimented scheduling allowed for everything to go as planned. My booth was commissioned into service as initially scheduled with no extra fees or surprises. Years later, they still provide me with excellent after sales service and support. Their technical team is very knowledgeable and helpful.

A Pleasure to Deal With

Dormer Finishing Systems has been a pleasure to deal with for the installation of our Spray Booth. From the time the order was placed right through the installation and inspections, they were always available to help. They were quick to answer emails and calls and made themselves available to assist with problems outside of their scope of work to make sure the project went smoothly.