Dust Collection

Safe, Controlled Environments for Sanding, Grinding & Blasting Applications

Product Line

Sanding Booth

Typically used in batch and low to medium production applications, this dust collection booth features an open-front design, three-stage filtration system and a high-capacity, low-noise recirculation fan for maintaining a high-performance application environment.

Sanding & Grinding Booth

Designed for both sanding and grinding applications, this high-production dust collection booth features an open-front booth design, fully assembled dust collection modules and a high-capacity, low-noise recirculation fan.

Blast Booth

Blast booths provide a safe, clean environment for blasting operations. GFS blast booths are custom engineered, designed and built to meet your unique requirements.

Dust Collection Module

Integrated into Sanding & Grinding Booths or sold separately, Dust Collection Modules from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) provide a safe, effective means for containing dust produced from sanding and grinding applications.

High Production Dust Collector

Used for a wide variety of applications — including blasting, welding, mixing and conveyor transfer stations — GFS High-Production Dust Collectors are ideal for filtering very fine particles in large air volumes.

GFS Dust Collection

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