OptiFlex Pro Manual Powder Coating Units From Gema



Now available through Dormer, the OptiFlex Pro®: Boost your manual powder coating to a new level!
Get the best application results and maximum industrial suitability with the new generation of OptiFlex Pro manual powder coating units from Gema!

OptiSelect Pro®

  • Robust and durable design
  • The ergonomic and light-weight gun is well-balanced in the hand
  • Enables you to coat efficiently and faster
  • PowerBoost®: Safe technology for more power performance
  • The integrated cleaning of the powder conveying components can be enhanced by the optional PowerClean™ module
  • The latest generation of nozzles ensures excellent powder distribution and penetration


  • The newly developed PowerBoost technology of the OptiFlex Pro series offers, at 110 kV, the highest powder charging capacity in the powder coating industry while complying with safety regulations.
  • The operator benefits from an outstanding coating performance.
  • The new feature completes the proven high-voltage functionalities, such as PCC mode, presettings and individual coating programs and extends the application range significantly.

OptiStar® 4.0

  • Precise Charge Control Mode (PCC) for high-quality coating tasks
  • The intuitive display makes it easy for any user to set and program the optimal parameters.
  • The result is a perfect coating quality that can be reproduced at any time.
  • Digital Valve Control Technology (DVC) for precise powder delivery
  • Electrostatic App (E-App) for transparency of the coating

Electrostatic App (Gema App: App Store, Google Play)

  • The new features of OptiFlex Pro manual powder coating units also give you a technological edge.
  • The Electrostatic App (E-App) with its integrated line management functions and additional service features, make the coating process transparent and better controllable.
  • Important data of your application is always at hand and can be easily exported for further usage.
  • OptiFlow IG07 Injector, for repeatable quality
  • Cartridge design merges injector nozzle and conveying insert into a single component
  • Powder outputs of up to 450 g/min are achievable depending upon hose length and diameter
  • Quick release design for the powder hose

Unique Inline-Design

  • Cartridge sleeves are manufactured from high-quality, non-stick materials
  • Robust diecast injector housing
  • Quick disconnect air connections

OptiSpray AP01 for a stable powder output

  • Only available for OptiFlex Pro B Spray and OptiFlex Pro F Spray
  • Stable application quality over extended time and long distances
  • Fast and easy color change
  • Automatic cleaning program for color change
  • Up to 15 % powder savings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automatic wear part diagnostic
  • Nozzle Assortment
  • Optimal powder cloud creation
  • Elimination of powder spitting
  • Low wear characteristics
  • Quick color changes
  • Uncompromising use of material
  • No powder deposits
  • Seamless design


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