Powder Coating Equipment

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OptiFlex® Pro Q: color change in 35 seconds!

Without big investments you can reduce idle times and maximize your productivity.

OptiFlex® Pro B: Perfect for frequent color changes

It takes the powder directly from the original box. No need to replace and clean hoppers at color change.

OptiFlex®Pro F: quality and productivity

The 50 l hopper is ideal for continuous use and offers perfect powder fluidization even in challenging environments.

OptiFlex®2 FE: designed for manual enamel applications

Apply enamel powder with ease and coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality, even in the most challenging environments.

OptiFlex® Pro S: the best solution for difficult powders

The unique design is ideal to feed hard-to-fluidize or dry-blended materials.

OptiFlex® Pro F Spray: designed for high powder outputs

The usage of OptiSpray AP01 application pumps ensures best coating results for high film builds with an powder output of up to 600 g/min.

OptiFlex® Pro B Spray: Box manual unit with OptiSpray application pump

Easy and fast color changes with the direct powder conveying from the original box.

OptiFlex® Pro L / C: ideal for small batches and labs

Cup guns, funnel guns and 4-liters hopper units offer very high flexibility, ease of use and the best performance.

OptiFlex® Pro W: easy integration in every powder line

Designed to be mounted on booth walls OptiFlex Pro W can be easily integrated in any existing coating line.

OptiColor: color change in the blink of an eye

You can automatically switch between several fluidized hoppers and restart spraying in just a few seconds!

OptiSelect® Pro: The manual gun for maximum coating performance

The robust gun design ensures highest reliability for daily industrial coating challenges.

OptiSpray AP01 Application Pump: the revolution in powder feed

The best coating results are maintained constant for a very long period of time, even with longer powder hoses and higher powder output.

Inline Injector OptiFlow IG07 for manual coating

Ensures a constant powder flow, optimized color change and low operating costs with the most advanced injector technology.