AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System

Developed by GFS and available in Western Canada exclusively through Dormer Finishing Systems, the AdvanceCure Airflow System provides more efficiency, productivity and profitability for body shops.

AdvanceCure reduces the amount of time needed to cure or dry any type of coating, whether waterborne or solvent-based.

The key to AdvanceCure’s amazing results is the convection-type airflow it creates.

This type of airflow dramatically improves the heat transfer from the air to the painted panels, and provides much more even heat distribution over the entire vehicle. By reducing the amount of time required for each paint job, GFS’ AdvanceCure helps put more jobs through your shop in the same amount of time, uses less energy per job, and actually improves the final finish quality!


The GFS AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System now Features the revolutionary Blade Design.

Advancecure Blade

The exclusive air-knife design of the Blade system allows for precise direction of air through small slits in the module. AdvanceCure Blade has been proven to provide better vehicle coverage, and requires less maintenance, with no need to move nozzles around.

The Blade design can be added to any horizontal AdvanceCure (R-Series & I-Series) models.


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