Ultra XC Auto Truck Pro

Ultra XC Auto Truck Pro Downdraft paint booths are ideal for shops looking for a high-performance, all-in-one finishing environment.

Ultra XC Auto Truck Pro is suitable for small cars and trucks, but large enough to accomodate larger vans and commercial vehicles. ATP booths provide the highest levels of contamination control and energy-savings in order to enhance the productivity and profitability of your finishing operation.

The Ultra XC Auto Truck Pro's Downdraft airflow provides an envelope of moving air around the vehicle, effectively keeping dust and overspray safely contained in the exhaust pit filters. This is proven to be the most efficient airflow model for painting vehicles and yields the best quality finishes possible.

Global Finishing System's exclusive engineered pit design, available exclusively through Dormer Finishing Systems, provides optimum balance of airflow in the booth. This unique pit concept also yields longer filter life throughout consistent airflow across the entire length of the exhaust pit.

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